FXGT.com’s 1st Official
Trading Competition

Compete for the chance to win a share of 35,000 USD!

The competition sign-up period ended on the 18th September. Participants needed to have a minimum account balance of 200 USD in a live MT4 or MT5, ECN or PRO trading account, in order to qualify.

On September 20th 00:00 GMT+3 server time the competition officially kicked off and will run until October 10th 23:59 GMT+3 server time.

There will be 45 winners, who will be determined based on their Return on Investment (ROI) ranking and an additional 5 winners who will be determined based on their Profit and Loss (PnL).

Competition Requirements

To qualify for the current competition the following is required:

FXGT.com live MT4 or MT5, PRO or ECN trading account
200 USD minimum funding requirement

If you don’t have an account, you can open one now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Return on Investment (ROI) is a measure of the percentage rate over your total investment during a specified time period.


ROI% Calculation Formula






Ee: Equity at the end of the day
Se: Equity at the start of the day
Co: Cash outflow/Daily funds removed from the account
Ci: Cash inflow / Daily funds added in the account ROI % Example


Ee: 250,000
Se: 100,000
Co: 30,000
Ci: 20,000


ROI% = ((250,000+30,000)-(100,000+20,000))/(100,000+20,000) = 133.33%


Important Notes


Cash flow/Funds added or removed from the trading account may include, but not limited to, Transfer In, Transfer Out, Balance Promotions, and/or any adjustments/corrections.


To track the total performance of the account we are using the Equity. Equity includes both closed and open positions during a period.


All rebate incentives (Cashback and Trading Bonus rebate) are excluded from the ROI calculation.

PnL Calculation Formula

Gain = (Ee + Co) – (Se + Ci)



Ee: Equity at the end of the competition
Se: Equity at the start of the competition
Co: Cash outflow/funds removed from the account during the competition
Ci: Cash inflow / funds added in the account during the competition


Gain Example

Ee: 100,000
Se: 50,000
Co: 30,000
Ci: 10,000


Gain = (100,000 + 30,000) – (50,000 + 10,000) = 70,000

No, it doesn’t. You can still enjoy all other available bonuses and participate in as many FXGT.com promotions as you want.

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