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1. Do I need any trading experience to open a Trading Account?

No. No previous trading experience is required. You can always use the Demo account to practice and learn.

2. What are the trading hours?

3. Can I have more than one trading account?

4. Is it possible to open more than one trading account using the same email address?

5. I have a USD account, but I want to open a position in other currencies for example ETHJPY. Can I do that?

6. What leverage do you offer?

7. What instruments and pairs do you offer for trading?

8. What are your spreads, swaps and other fees?

9. Can I use an Expert Advisor (EA)?

10. From where do you get your feed?

11. Order volume/lot number changes by hand

12. What is a Partial Close?

13. What is the standard time displayed on MT5?

14. Do you have any additional certificates?

15. Can I use MT4?

16. Do you provide API?

17. Are the displayed currency pairs the only pairs that can be traded?

18. Could you give me more details on the Stop Limit order?

19. Is there a slippage?

20. Is it possible to hedge?

21. What is your margin call and stop out level?

22. If I get a stop out which position will close first?

23. I cannot place my order

24. Can you increase the maximum dealable lot number?

25. Is there a minimum lot number or maximum lot number?

26. What is a lot?

27. What are the setup fees for spreads, swaps, etc.?