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SymbolSymbol CategorizationTypical SpreadAverage SpreadSettlementMinimum Trade SizeMin/Max Trade SizeMinimum Price FlactuationValue of 1 LotSwap Rates (%) -BuySwap Rates (%) -SellTrading Sessions Server Time StartsTrading Sessions Server Time EndsTrading Sessions Server Break Time
US30Equity Indexes2.52.8Cash11/1000.011 US30 Index-5-1Monday 01:05Friday 23:59Daily 23:15 -23:30, 00:00- 1:05
US100Equity Indexes33Cash11/1500.011 US100 Index-5-1Monday 01:05Friday 23:59Daily 23:15 -23:30, 00:00- 1:05
US500Equity Indexes0.70.9Cash11/1500.011 US500 Index-5-1Monday 01:05Friday 23:59Daily 23:15 -23:30, 00:00- 1:05
JP225Equity Indexes912Cash11/2001100 JP225 Index-3-3.5Monday 01:05Friday 22:59Daily 23:00 - 01:05
GER30Equity Indexes33Cash11/1500.011 GER30 Index-1.3-4Monday 08:05Friday 21:55Daily 21:55-08:05
UK100Equity Indexes33Cash11/1500.011 UK100 Index-4.5-1.2Monday 08:05Friday 21:55Daily 21:55-08:05
FRA40Equity Indexes33Cash11/1500.011 FRA40 Index-1.3-4Monday 08:30Friday 23:55Daily 23:55-08:30
AUD200Equity Indexes44Cash11/2000.011 AUD200 Index-5.2-1Monday 01:50Friday 23:00Daily 08:30 -09:10, 23:00-1:50

Equity Indices Margin Requirements/Leverage

TiersVolume (USD)LeverageMargin %
Tier 10 – 200,0001:1001%
Tier 2>200,000 – 500,0001:502%
Tier 3>500,000 – 5,000,0001:303.33%
Tier 4>5,000,000 – 7,000,0001:205%
Tier 5>7,000,0001:1010%


When you open a sell or a buy position you only pay of the value of the trade. Using leverage, you are essentially borrowing the rest of the capital to buy the investment from FXGT, and instantly FXGT is borrowing that capital from the venue your order will be executed.

It’s an interest payment that applies if you hold a sell or a buy position for a certain period of time. It is based on the value of the contract and it is calculated on a daily basis if you hold an overnight position open at 23:59:59 server time.