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SymbolSymbol CategorizationTypical SpreadAverageSettlementMinimum Trade SizeMin/max Trade SizeValue of 1 LotMinimum Price FlactuationSwap Rates (points) BuySwap Rates (points) SellTrading Sessions Server Time StartTrading Sessions Server Time EndTrading Sessions Server Time Break
XAUUSDPrecious metals0.30.3Cash0.010.01/50100 oz0.01-18.210.52Monday 02:05Saturday 00:55Daily 00:55 - 02:05
XAGUSDPrecious metals0.030.03Cash0.010.01/505000 oz0.001-1.980.01Monday 02:05Saturday 00:55Daily 00:55 - 02:05
NGASEnergies0.030.03Cash0.010.01/1001000 mmbtu0.001-3.89-0.14Monday 02:05Saturday 00:45Daily 00:45 - 02:05
USOILEnergies0.050.05Cash0.010.01/100100 barrels0.01-1.21-0.03Monday 02:05Saturday 00:55Daily 00:55 - 02:05
UKOILEnergies0.050.05Cash0.010.01/100100 barrels0.01-1.32-0.05Monday 04:05Saturday 00:55Daily 00:55 - 04:05

Precious Metals & Energies Margin Requirements/Leverage

TiersVolume (USD)LeverageMargin %
Tier 10 – 200,0001:1001%
Tier 2200,000 – 1,000,0001:502%
Tier 31,000,000 – 5,000,0001:303.33%
Tier 45,000,000 – 7,000,0001:205%
Tier 5>7,000,0001:1010%
Please note that the maximum volume per symbol is set to $20 million.


When you open a sell or a buy position you only pay of the value of the trade. Using leverage, you are essentially borrowing the rest of the capital to buy the investment from FXGT, and instantly FXGT is borrowing that capital from the venue your order will be executed.

It’s an interest payment that applies if you hold a sell or a buy position for a certain period of time. It is based on the value of the contract and it is calculated on a daily basis if you hold an overnight position open at 23:59:59 server time.