MQL5 Trading Signals

The MQL5 Signals is a service that offers traders access to trading strategies
with the use of trading signals.

How does it work?

Certain traders may become signal providers for other traders by allowing them to ‘copy’ their trading signals for a fee.

When traders subscribe to the signals, signals are automatically copied and executed on their own Live MT5 trading accounts. Each subscription is valid for one month and each account can only be subscribed to one signal at a time. The MQL5 contains a wide range of trading signals and can be accessed on the MT5 Platform with no additional installation requirements.

Why subscribe to MQL5 Signals:

How to subscribe to MQL5 Signals:

1. Create an account in

2. Login to your Live MT5 Account and launch the platform

3. From the ‘Tools’ section of the main menu, select ‘Options’

4. Enter your MQL5 registration details on the Community tab

5. From the same window, make sure that ‘Signals’ is ticked, then click ‘OK’

6. From the Toolbox window, click on ‘Signals’ to see the list of signals available

7. Click on your desired signal to view more information

8. To subscribe to a signal, click on the ‘Subscribe’ button below the signal’s name

9. Select a payment method or deposit to your MQL5 account to proceed

10.  Read and agree to applicable Terms & Conditions, retype password and click ‘OK’

11. Determine your preferred trading specifications and click on ‘OK’

12. Start using the signal trading service!

How to subscribe to a MQL5 Signals:

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Leveraged products may not be suitable for everyone and may result in loss of all your capital. Please ensure you fully understand the risks involved and whether trading is appropriate for you. Read Full Risk Disclosure here.