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We created FXGT.com because we wanted to revolutionize the trader experience. We set out three rules to guide our mission: to empower traders with competence, and a peace of mind.


With multiple accounts to pick from, traders are guaranteed to find the account that matches their trading needs and style.


A variety of markets means more opportunity. We bring opportunity to traders – with a wide range of instruments, market research tools for informed insights, and bonuses to boost their trades.


With the right licensing and regulation, we are able to secure our clients’ protection. We keep clients’ funds separate from ours and available for them to withdraw, at all times.

Award-Winning Broker

FXGT.com is proud to be recognized with a number of industry awards, showcasing the quality of our client offering and confirming its position as one of the world’s leading brokers.

Our most recent award:

  • Best Global Trading Conditions 2024 by Brokers View
  • Best Global CFD Broker 2024 by Brokers View
  • Best Global IB/Affiliate Program 2024 by Brokers View

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