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Fundamental Analysis19 April 2024

Japanese Yen Influenced by Geopolitical Tensions and Domestic Inflation Data

The reports of Israeli military actions in Iran have triggered a significant wave of risk aversion among investors, leading them to seek refuge in safe-haven currencies, notably boosting the Japanese yen. Despite this uptick, the broader market sentiment continues to exert downward pressure on the yen, tempering its gains as the geopolitical landscape remains tense and uncertain.

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Fundamental Analysis18 April 2024

Oil Prices Decline as Middle East Tensions Ease

U.S. crude futures extended their losses, hitting ...

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Market Analysis18 April 2024

Market Eyes Potential BoJ Response as USD/JPY Approaches Crucial ¥155 Threshold

USD/JPY has escalated to a 34-year high, reaching ...

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Stocks Trading18 April 2024

When Does the Stock Market Open and Close? 

Understanding the timing of the market is essentia...

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