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11 June 2024 | FXGT.com

FXGT.com Partners with Food & Trees for Africa: Empowering the ‘Trees for All’ Program 

FXGT.com continues to give back to communities by engaging in another successful charity event with the Food & Trees for Africa (FTFA) non-profit organization. With over 32 years of experience in helping South African residents, FTFA made an impact in areas such as food security, environment, and greening.  

Since environmental and social causes strongly resonate with us, we have joined forces with them through their ‘Trees for All’ award-winning program. This initiative aims at rejuvenating greenery in shared spaces across South Africa, including schools, parks, forests, nurseries, and more. Therefore, this program presented a great opportunity for us to pour our efforts into.  

Consequently, on the 28th of May, FXGT.com’s team was working side by side with FTFA and school students, planting trees in a Wes Einde school garden. Aside from helping with the acquisition of over 200 trees and compost, our team has proved a diligent worker in ensuring the Wes Einde school had the green space needed for students to relax and enjoy. 

‘We always look for ways to play our part in bettering the lives of others. By integrating social responsibility into our business model, we create a positive impact that goes beyond our immediate operations’ said Maciej Kosela, our Country Manager for South Africa.  

The effort was part of a larger plan of invigorating several schools across Cape Town, South Africa. Trees and compost that were not absorbed at the Wes Einde school will continue to be planted and used in other learning facilities that are in need of refreshing their greenery. And we could not be happier that our effort will continue to inspire positive change in communities that need it the most. 

As we reflect on our recent collaboration with Food & Trees for Africa, we are fulfilled and hopeful. Our impact on the ‘Trees for All’ program has not only brought greenery to schools, but also planted seeds of hope for a better future. A future in which every corner of South Africa thrives in the presence of nature’s beauty, providing a sustainable environment for generations to come. 

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