Trade Multiple Crypto CFDs in a Single Index

Enhance your exposure to the crypto market with the GTi12 Index!

Discover the GTi12

Designed by our technical experts, the GTi12 Index is a pioneering innovation in the industry. Traders can now speculate on the performance and price movements of the crypto market by trading a single CFD instrument.

The GTi12 comprises 12 key cryptocurrencies, selected based on various criteria including market capitalization, liquidity and whether it is available to trade on

The GTi12 Index

The GTi12 Index’s unique pricing is equally weighted from the price of the 12 currently most popular Cryptocurrencies. These are reviewed and redefined on a quarterly basis. Here’s what we look out for when making our selection:

& Liquidity

& Utility

Value & User

Innovative Nature
& Community

1 Index = 12 Cryptos

Trading Conditions

Min Lot Size:1
Volume Limit:20000
Financing Fees – SELL:-0.0120
Financing Fees – BUY:-0.0110
Leverage:Up to 100
Contract size:1
Limit & Stops:2148
Trading Sessions Start:24/7
Trading Sessions End:24/7
Trading Sessions Break:24/7

GTi12 Index Limitations & Risks

This Index is designed and calculated to strictly follow the rules of this methodology and it may not represent or achieve its stated objective in all instances. The Cryptocurrency market can be extremely sensitive to market volatility and liquidity, and this can have a major impact on the quality or amount of data available to the Index’s algorithm. In such cases, the Index might present unpredictable or unforeseen results.

In addition, there are several other risks associated with the valuation of the Index, such as interruption of trading, distributed denial of service, hacking, cross-national legal environment, unstable technological environment, and suspension of market trading in Cryptocurrencies, all of which might have a major impact on the Index’s Value.

Furthermore, prices are received from third party sources for the purpose of forming the Index’s value, therefore, any interruptions in price data beyond the Administrator’s control, can cause interruptions in pricing, and can not be held responsible in any case.

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Leveraged products may not be suitable for everyone and may result in loss of all your capital. Please ensure you fully understand the risks involved and whether trading is appropriate for you. Read Full Risk Disclosure here.