Trend strength

Trend analysis & directional alignment across markets & timeframes.

SILVER Membership: Single Timeframe

The first question when looking at a chart goes: What is the trend?

In other words, in which direction is the market moving? Is the market moving up, down, or is it directionless?

Technical analysts answer this question with the help of moving averages.

Using our carefully selected and tested combination of moving averages, we offer a tool that automatically identifies the trend direction and strength, leaving the guesswork aside.

Trend Direction:

  • Green up arrow = Uptrend
  • Green up diagonal arrow = Weak Uptrend
  • Dash = Range = No evidence of directional strength
  • Red down arrow = Downtrend
  • Red down diagonal arrow = Weak Downtrend
*T&Cs apply

GOLD Membership: Multi-Timeframe

Once the trend of a timeframe is identified, the next question that needs to get answered is:

Is this direction synchronized with the higher and lower timeframe?

Using our multiple timeframe model, we offer a tool that automatically identifies the alignment of timeframes.

Trend and Directional strength are shown across multiple timeframes. No matter whether it is long term, medium term, short term or very short term, the tool has you covered. Just assign the preferred time horizon analysed and the tool will find the timeframe alignment for you.


  • Bullish Full
  • Bullish Strong
  • Bullish Weak
  • Neutral
  • Bearish Full
  • Bearish Strong
  • Bearish Weak
*T&Cs apply

PLATINUM Membership: Market Scanner

Having so many markets to trade from is an undeniable advantage. At the same time, it can become overwhelming, even for the most experienced traders out there. To never miss an opportunity requires automation. Traders use scanners to guide them to those opportunities worth exploiting and exposing themselves to.

Using this tool, you can scan and monitor all instruments that appear on your MT5 market watch window, for trend direction and alignment.

Additionally, you can sort instruments according to MarketWatch order (default) or by categorizing instruments according to their directional alignment.

*T&Cs apply

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